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New to Windows CE Portál? We help you discover it.

Windows CE Portál is the world's largest smartphone, PDA, tablet and mobile device database and it also provides various services to utilize the power of this unique database. Start here to learn how Windows CE Portál can help you with selecting the right device for you

Device specifications? You are at the right place.
Windows CE Portál encompasses more than 10000 detailed device specifications datasheet. They are accessible from several places. Main Page and PDAlist summarizes tha latest and most relevant devices but you can also simply search for a specific device if you know its name.

Don't forget to switch to detailed datasheet view if you need more information about a specific device and click on datasheet links to obtain more details about a processor or an operating system.
Are you looking for the the most suitable device for your needs?
Windows CE Portál helps you find the possible devices and make the decision. Enter your relevant requirements and let Device Search Tool do the job. Device Search Tool is the best tool for discovering mobile devices which perfectly meet your requirements.

If you find Device Search Tool too sophisticated you can also easily find the perfect mobile device with PDAchooser. PDAchooser is the simplified variant of Device Search Tool and it is optimized for quick and efficient device searching. It provides less features but easier usage and clearer user interface than Device Search Tool. Read further useful query tips for Device Search Tool and PDAchooser here.

If you successfully narrowed down your search results to a device wishlist or you only would like to compare some interesting devices PDAcomparer will be your helping hand. Although we predefined a lot of relevant device comparisons in Featured Comparisons too.
Firmware upgrades, hotfixes, user manuals and other documents for your mobile device
Our device database is full of useful information but that's not all. We are tirelessly adding contents to our Repository which is very useful when you seek for software upgrades, user guides or any other documentation for your device.
Do you want to take a closer look or different view? The answer is our high resolution photo gallery
Gallery contains tons of high quality, high resolution photos of devices in PDAdb. Search for the desired view, see it, download it and take pleasure in observing the details.
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You can to follow the latest additions via RSS channel

Search Tips

Windows CE Portál has an advanced and user-friendly search engine which allows the visitors to easily find various specs. Click here to perform advanced searches

1 To show advanced Search options click on the Advanced Search or Search button in the main header menu
2 Primary results differs from Secondary results. Primary results strictly contains whole words of expression, however Secondary results are only partial matches
3 You can switch Secondary results off by disabling Enable Secondary results chechbox
4 If you search in whole content, engine look through all kind of specs (devices, CPUs, etc.)
5 If you don't choose searching scope or if you use Quick Search Bar, engine will seek whole content
6 Search mode determines how the engine search for conformities
7 Engine always try to list results as fast as possible. If the number of results exceeds a specific value engine will list them without images and without additional information
8 Do not bother caps. Fields are case insensitive
9 The engine is able to find specs of devices, operating systems, etc. based on name, type, manufacturer etc. but it cannot search for special attributes (for example in case of a device: thin, light, big screen, WLAN enabled, phone, UMTS, etc.) as search keyword. In this case, use Device Search Tool
10 You can set the target window of results: open in new window or open in the same window (default)
11 Search engine supports comparing results (only in case of devices) if Comparison Tool is enabled. Just tick off the Compare chechbox of the given devices (or use Select all tag) and than press Compare Selected Devices button. PDAcomparer makes your Comparison Table.
12 If you use Excluded expression field, results will include none of words of Excluded expression
13 Order settings have reference to all types of results

Device Search Tool & PDAchooser Help

Hints and tips that help you to improve your query and get better results. Click here to try Device Search Tool or PDAchooser

1 The more fields you fill in the less there are results
2 Empty fields do not affect the query
3 If a device feature is irrelevant for you leave that field empty or select Irrelevant option in drop-down menus and multi-checkbox lists. In this case query will be independent from the given feature
4 Select the Any ... option in drop-down menus and multi-checkbox lists if you require the given feature but you do not care the exact kind of that feature. In this way you can look for a specific device feature independently from the exact kind of that feature. Only those devices will be listed which include the given feature.
5 Use the No ... option in drop-down menus and multi-checkbox lists to exclude a specific device feature. Devices including the given feature will not be listed.
6 In those cases where there are only a separate checkbox: tick the checkbox off if you require the given feature and leave it empty if the given feature is irrelavant for you
7 Use the Start panel to custumize your query. Limit the maximum number of results to avoid too many results.
8 If the number of results exceeds a specific number, results will be listed without images and cannot be compared.
9 All text fields (brand, type, etc.) are case insensitive (for example iPAQ is equivalent with ipaq)
10 You cannot only define maximal and minimal values in numeric fields, but exact numeric values by entering the same value to maximum and minimum fields where it is possible (Release Date, CPU clock, ROM, RAM, mass, etc.)
11 Both Device Search Tool and PDAchooser supports comparing query results. Just tick off the Compare chechbox of the given devices (or use Select all) and than press Compare Selected Devices button. PDAcomparer makes your Comparison Table.
12 Do not enter invalid datatype values into the text fields (for example, do not enter negative values to mass or CPU clock fields
13 In some select menus (not in all select menus), number between [ and ] after an option ( e.g: ARM7100 (2) ) means how many devices are in the PDAdb which has the feature which the option refers to
14 Depth refers to the thickness of the device
15 Height means the length measured from the bottom of the device to the top
16 Width means the length measured from the right side of the device to the left side

Privacy Policy

Windows CE Portál does not have forum and comment services. Hence the gathered information from visitors is as minimal as possible.

Cookies: Windows CE Portál uses cookies to store user preferences.
Traffic statistics: Windows CE Portál external analytics system te meusure traffic statistics of the site.
Windows CE Portál does not publish any information about visitors on the site.
Windows CE Portál reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy at any time.
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